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Vida Nueva of Northeast Georgia - Sponsorship

Who Can Sponsor a Candidate

Anyone who has attended Tres Dias, Vida Nueva or a similar 3 day weekend, and, can fulfill all the Sponsorship responsibilities may Sponsor a candidate. Sponsorship is a serious responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Who Can Attend as a Candidate

Youth that are 15-20 years old (at the start of the weekend) may attend. The candidate should be a professing Christian and want to grow deeper in their walk with Christ. Please do not sponsor a candidate as an attempt to "fix them" or "get them saved". If your candidate will be older than 20 at the start of the weekend, please consider sponsoring them to Tres Dias. https://tdnega.org/

Responsibilities of Being a Sponsor

Being a sponsor is tremendous responsibility. It is a commitment not only to the youth but to the Vida Nueva Community during the entire weekend and into the candidate's 4th day. You should know the candidate well and be able to fulfill all the obligations in the Sponsorship letter. Please click this link for a list of a Sponsor's responsibilities: Sponsor Guide If you are unable to meet all the responsibilities for Sponsorship, please don't sponsor anyone at this time. Be honest with your candidate. Secrecy has no place in Vida Nueva and can be harmful to both the candidate and to Vida Nueva. Explain the basic format without giving away the fun surprises. Pray for the person you sponsor as they await their weekend encounter with Christ. You must be willing to provide support before, during and after the weekend.

Following are steps to get you started as a Sponsor. Please refer to the Sponsorship guide for all the required steps.

Step #1

Complete the NEGAVN application. Please note applications must be received on the Tuesday prior to the start of the weekend.

Step #2

Secure a Signed Medical Release Form

Please note: Any candidate 17 years old or younger at the time of the weekend MUST have the medical release form signed by a parent or guardian. If a minor arrives at the campground without a medical release form signed by their parent or guardian, they will not be able to stay for the weekend.

Step #3

Arrange for the Candidate Fee ($100) to be paid. If the candidate cannot pay their fee, you may pay it for them.

Step #4

Begin fulfilling the remainder of your Sponsorship responsibilities.

For additional information, contact: Kimberly or Randy Eller (Pre-Weekend Committee) at: negavnapp@gmail.com

Packing List For Candidate - What TO bring

Packing List For Candidate - What NOT TO bring